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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Media Frenzy!

The newest assignment in the 30 Day Teacher Blog Challenge is adding different media to your blog. Although I am new to the blogging scene, I have often inserted different media types into my classroom website. Items ranging from student created VoiceThreads and Xtranormal Videos, homemade Youtube Videos and Animoto and PhotoPeach Slide Shows have become regular visitors to our classroom website. (By clicking on the links you will see how these sites have been used in a fourth grade class.)

I'm sure that many people have embedded the media mentioned above. So I decided I would try to find something different to embed. Recently I discovered Blabberize . I also decided that I would try it in combination with my Avatar assignment. The 'Welcome Message' at the beginning of my blog was created using Blabberize and Build Your Wild Self. (Sometimes it takes a while for Blabberize to load - I was having trouble replaying my creation - hope it works for you.)

Also, via the Techie Lab Teacher Blog Post I was introduced to this site and have decided I'd like to try this with my class as a way to get feedback on certain topics. So I thought before I use it with my students perhaps you could answer this question for me with Answer Garden : What is your favorite media type to embed in your blog?

What is your favorite media type to embed?... at

Since posting this last night - I decided to try and find some different media...thinking about easy Web2.0 tools my students could use. I found this: Dvolver Moviemaker....its very simple and not real looking, but it's easy to use. I made this in about 3 minutes with some prompting.  (I have removed my Dvolver. I found that it would play as soon as the page was opened up.  There was no pause button or no way to stop it from playing.  I felt this conflicted with the embedded Blabber at the top).


  1. Nancy, some fantastic different tools to use for embedding into blogs. I am sure your students will love using them.

    I have used ToonDoo, blabberize, Animoto and xtranormal already.

  2. Nicely done! I also love Answer Garden. I have it bookmarked from last semester, but I had forgotten about it. I'll have to go back and look at it again.

    Check out my post on this at

  3. Thanks, Nancy for sharing these tools. Your blabberize looks great, using your avatar and your real voice. It worked fine for me. I like the look of answer garden but I had problems with that one, when I first tried and haven't gone back to it again. Is it difficult to get the question to look like you have in your blog post? I love how that is separate to the responses.
    I also like that you shared your new discovery and told us that it only took you a short time to make. As busy people we are always look for good effective products that do not take long to make. Have you checked out the wonderful tools that Sue Water has also shared in the beginners' challenge. There are some rippers there, that I cant wait to try either.

  4. Hi Nancy,

    Loved seeing the examples from your classroom. I think my students would really enjoy using Blabberize and Dvolver Moviemaker. Thanks for sharing your post!

  5. I liked seeing how you used the various media in your classroom. I had never heard of Answer Garden and love it. Thanks for introducing it to me. I embedded a question on one of the pages in my blog:

  6. Great looking post. I liked your Garden.

  7. Hi Nancy!
    I will find this useful as a source of ideas for my Year 6 class. The main thing is getting time to play! What is the main purpose of your blog?

  8. Hi Nancy!
    Oooops! Should say the above was from Ruary!

  9. Ruary - I guess the main purpose of my blog, Teaching is Elementary, is to share ideas that I use in my classroom of fourth graders and to explore new ideas. At least it started out that way. What I've found is that it has become more of a reflection of my teaching - finding what works, what doesn't, what might work better. I did write a post for Parents about what to do on a Snow Day and it got more hits than anything - so perhaps I should change the focus of my blog - What do you think?

  10. I absolutely love your combination of web 2.0 tools at the top. I would have never thought of that. It was pure genius. Here is a link to my blog. I can't comment to the teacher challenge blog for some reason.

  11. I love Blabberize, because it looks as though you can combine original art sound and motion and Answergarden because you see instant results! Love it! Thanks!

  12. Your post has finally made me want to use blabberize. Love your picture -- works so well! And now I know what Answer Garden is ! Thanks for displaying such powerful media so others will try them.

  13. I LOVE your blabberize!!!!! That is too cool. Now I'm ready to try too.


  14. Hi Nancy,
    Congratulations on your participation in the Teacher's Blogging Challenge and thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment. I love your idea of combining your "Build your Wild Self" avatar and Blabberise as an alternative to Voki - fabulous! Your images and embeds really enhance your blog and give it pizazz! Thanks also for demonstrating Answergarden - I had heard of it but never seen it in use before. Keep up the great work!


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