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Sunday, October 18, 2015

Lessons on the Go - The Walking Classroom

"I feel pumped up now!" shared Domenic after our first official Walking Classroom  (TWC) lesson.  Other student comments included: "I'm more awake now - sometimes I'm tired when I come to school." and "I think this is going to be great - we get to go outside and learn!"

Last year I saw a tweet about the "Walking Classroom" program and I knew I HAD to use this with my classroom.  The premise: get kids moving and learning - the perfect combination.

I had to find a way to get the WalkKits (WalkKit is a device-like an mp3 player-that is preloaded with podcasts specifically geared towards 4th grade) into the hands (and ears) of my class.  So I applied for a GO! Grant but my proposal was not accepted. Knowing that this program would have many benefits to my class I reached out to TWC to see what else I might try.  They suggested applying for a donation through their site. My application was reviewed and our class was put on a waiting list (waiting for a donor). A few weeks later an email arrived saying we would be receiving a class set of WalkKits.  My class and I were beyond thrilled.

On the day the WalkKits arrived a resounding cheer reverberated throughout our hallway. Students knew they soon would be outside and learning.   After permission slips were signed, we took our first walk WITHOUT the WalkKits. This allowed us to check out our route and practice walking as a class.  The following day we began with our first podcast.  Listening to walking safety tips and learning about different question types, the students will be ready for their next "Lessons on the Go!"

Thank you to Laura Fenn, Executive Director of The Walking Classroom, for her idea and wonderful podcasts! And Thank You to the generous (anonymous) donor for providing us with a class set of WalkKits!  We can't wait to share what we learn!

What are some other ways we can make learning more active for students?