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Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day

My father, an Iwo Jima survivor.
In honor of this upcoming Memorial Day...some poems:

This poem was written by my cousin's 17 year old daughter:

this is for the soldiers
theresa soya

this is for the red
the red that beats through the heart
and bleeds through the clothes
of every american citizen,
of every american soldier
this is for the white, the black, the yellow,
the red, the brown skin of the soldiers
who fight not for the respect of a man
but for the love of a brother,
this is for the blue,
the blue and the hope that comes with tomorrow,
the hope that tomorrow comes
with the sky a little brighter
this is for the flag that waves through that sky
this is for the stars
and this is for the stripes
whipping through the wind and ripping
but never falling in the fight

this is a thank you,
this is from the kids who aren't quite sure what to say
and pray with shaky words but stable ambition,
this is from the kids who know what sacrifice means
but haven't quite felt it yet
and this is from the kids who have every reason to hate war
this is from the kids who've ever lost a soldier before
this is from the kids whose only connection to that breach
is that flag that they wave
this is from the kids who know all too much
and this is from the kids who know nothing
but regardless,
they care

this is for the troops that stand taller everyday
this is for the service that speaks for itself
this is for the wake-up call, the trumpets that sound every morning at 5
and the alarm that forgot to ring back in the states
this is for the gift santa couldn't bring
this is for the freedom
and this is for the safety,
this is for the soldiers stationed in Iraq, Iran, and Haiti
this is for the soldiers who wrote "home" on their wish list
this is for the ones who won't make it back for Christmas
this is for the honor and the bravery showed
this is for the valor and the courage bestowed

this is for the strength it takes to run and to train
this is for the pride it instills to stand and salute
this is for the soul that aches and writhes with pain
this is for the ones wearing the boots
this is for the ones with the insignia holding up the world on their shoulders
this is for the heroes
this is for the soldier

These poems were written and recorded by some fourth grade students.

Today and everyday...Celebrating the lives of those men and women who have shown courage and bravery by serving their country...We thank you!

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  1. Hi Nancy! Leave it to you. When I'm just starting to think that kids don't get it... you come up with the proof that they do! Thank you for that!!!


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