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Friday, December 30, 2011

Thank You Notes with a Twist

While some people expect them, to others they're a welcome surprise! Either way, right after the holidays people love to receive them! Thank You notes!

However, most kids hate to write them!  I know it's a battle with my own two children.  Since they were very little they have been (reluctantly) writing them.  I think they don't enjoy it because "it takes too much time." Regardless, it's important to show appreciation for a gift received.

In school, my students have occasionally written thank you notes to their parents as a way to recognize all that is being done for them at home.  This year I will have them write a note for one of their Christmas or Hanukkah gifts.  Of course, an accompanying lesson will be  'How to Write' a thank you note. and "How to Address an Envelope.

To make it less painless I will give the students a choice when creating their notes. They may choose one of the following: 
  • Use blank construction paper to create their own.
  • Use a recycled holiday card (I remove the fronts of the Christmas cards sent to me and use them as part of the thank you card.)
  • Create your own Printable Card from "Got Free Cards". Choose from many covers and don't forget to add some stickers. 
  • Send an e-Card:  Choose from an array of different cards from Yahoo and email them to relatives and friends. (this is a fun, easy option but this site does not allow you to add your own words).

    It's never too early (and although the above video says to be punctual - I think it's never too late) to write a 'Thank You' as it will surely warm the hearts of the recipients knowing their gift was valued and treasured. (And as writing Thank You's is often a form of Art it will make the writer feel good about adding personal touches and sentiments as well).

    I must hurry now and get my own notes out!


    1. Hi Nancy. While some feel that writing thank you notes is a thing of the past, I feel that they are a wonderful way to say thanks and most necessary when someone sends you a gift other than giving it in person. By taking the time to write a note, you are not only saying thanks and acknowledging the gift, but showing appreciation for the person that took the time to think of you. I think it's a great habit to get into and your video and how to links are terrific. As usual a timely and excellent post!

    2. Thank you Carol Ann. As usual you got right to the heart of my post and said in the comment section what I really wanted to convey. Although some people think its a thing of the past, writing Thank yous shouldn't be for the several reasons you have mentioned.

      The real test for me will be when my children grow up. Will they take it on their own initiative to write a thank you? Will they have their children write them? Only time will tell.

      How do you feel about a thank you note via email? Does it have the same impact? The same meaning? Just curious.

      As always - thank you for taking the time to comment!

    3. Hi Nancy. You are welcome! Any kind of a thank you is better than none at all. I personally received a thank you note from my Uncle that I wasn't suspecting and it thrilled me to no end to hear from him. Would it have been the same in an email? Probably not. It just is fun to get good old snail mail that isn't junk or a bill. I am sure that like everything else, email would be welcome and appreciated, and will become the primary vehicle..but, for now, I have to say there is nothing quite like a handwritten note!

    4. My mother always taught us to write thank you notes and the importance of them!! I still write them today, and I think a handwritten one says so much!! I may not get them out as punctual as I should, I do send them and working on my 3 to do the same w/their thank you's......(I've got Christmas ones to do!!!)

    5. Perfect! We need to write our thank you notes and it is quite a chore when you're only five years old!

      There's nothing quite like receiving a handwritten thank you note!

    6. @Carol Ann, MC, Marialice -
      I think you are right about handwritten thank you notes. They show real appreciation because it does takes time and thought to put one together. When my kids were little I used to use a typed template where they would fill in the blanks - it took the sting out of it a bit and it was still personal enough.

      Receiving any kind of mail (other than bills and junk) has to be a bonus!

      Thank you all for taking the time to comment.

    7. Love this, Nancy! In the digital age, handwritten thank-yous are in serious danger of extinction. Thank YOU for this lesson for our kids!


    8. Right from the starting point to till End of the Video, everything is perfect , systematically arrangement of heart touching lines are very sensitive to read. Thanks

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