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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

New Blog Design!

For some time now I have been thinking about creating a new look for "Teaching is Elementary". Many of the teaching blogs I follow have cute designs and smashing colors. Still, I wasn't sure all those 'cutesy' designs were for me.

But one day I visited two of my favorite blogs, The Teaching Thief and Shepherd's Shining Stars, and noticed they each had a blog makeover. One has a cute little raccoon mascot and the other has stars! I noticed they both shared the same blog designer so I quickly decided to check her out at Designs by Christi and contacted her.

Old Design

New Design

Christi quickly answered my email and the process began. First, she sent me a questionnaire asking about color, font, theme and other preferences. Then she quickly assesses and sends some graphics for you to choose and then the backgrounds. Soon after, you approve the initial design and there is time for some final tweaking. Within a week I had a new design.

I just love everything from the little detectives on my banner to the cap on my signature! The colors are just right!

If you are looking for a blog makeover I strongly suggest contacting Christi - she is prompt, accommodating and talented (as you can see!).

Question for you: Can you guess why the Little Detectives are on Teaching is Elementary? Please leave me your thoughts in the comment section!


  1. Love the new design and I love your blog!

  2. Thank you so much - I love Chalk & Slate too and have added it to my Blog List!

    Take care.

  3. The new blog is looking good, Nancy!! Could your little investigators be citizen scientists??

  4. Love the new look, Nance!! Those guys are so cute! From the real Christy

  5. Nancy,

    I absolutely love it! I've seen her work before and just thought it was so cute! I wasn't completely certain how easy it would be to do, but your post sure confirms it. Thanks for sharing!


  6. @ Becky - They certainly are Citizen Scientists but I was thinking more on the lines of "Elementary my dear Watson" of the Sherlock Holmes fame!

    @Christy - Thank you so much for taking the time to comment! You too could have something like this with a Class blog (which I think I will have this year myself!) and of course you are the original!!!!

    @Tracy - Thank you so much. Really, she was very quick. I got the more expensive package and it really was very affordable. Christi really enjoys her work!

  7. Hi Nancy:

    I love the new page! Little Detectives, that's perfect. I think it represents all the curious "little detectives" who learn so much in your class each year. I know mine did.

    I enjoy reading your blogs.

    Have a good rest of the summer.
    Kathy Glennon

  8. Nice makeover, Nancy! Clean & clear, and as always, interesting!

  9. I get the detectives.. Elementary~ Sherlock Holmes~ detectives~finding out answers to the yet unknown.. great theme. Super cute and well thought out.
    However, I found it a bit overwhelming. Of course change is hard, but I think it would be easier to take if not so dark in color.
    I do like the cap on your signature.. Congrats on the new "do".

  10. Hi Nan;

    I think those detectives are lost and want some help to find their way home.

    Just joking, looks great.

    Love, Dad

  11. @Kathy - I'm so glad that you enjoy reading my blog. I hope it gives a little glimpse into what happens in the classroom. This year I will be starting a classroom blog too for the kids and their families. I'm going to miss your son - he's such a good boy!

    @Ann - Thank you - as always I value your opinion!

    @Beth - Thank you for your honest feedback. It is taking some "getting used to" for me as well. Hoping that the content will outweigh all!

    @Dad - I just love that you take time to comment. You're the best! I love you.

  12. I saw your new blog design on Facebook when it was complete. Too cute and fits perfectly with your theme! Thanks for the shout-out on your blog. And, Christi is really amazing. She was so great to work with. I'm glad you found the perfect designer and design. :)

    The Teaching Thief

  13. @Amanda - I'm so glad I found your blog. I just love your little "Bandit" and that inspired me to find something different for my blog. Christi was great to work with and I'm thinking I'm going to have her design my class blog too!

    Looking forward to learning with you this year!

  14. Nancy,
    I thought that was a fun question to answer, so I scrolled past all the other comments on this post to answer about the detectives. I think they have a little bit to do with Sherlock Holmes--"Elementary, my dear Watson."

    But, I believe even more the little boy and girl detectives have to do with inquiry, discovery and the genius learning going on in your classroom! Just like detectives, students will discover wonderful things in fourth grade!

    I like your new blog design, Nancy!


  15. @Denise -
    My first idea for the detectives was based on "Sherlock Holmes" but you and some other people guessed it too. It represents kids learning, inquiring, searching for clues and answers to all kinds of questions. Love how you describe it as "genius learning"!!!

    Thank you for taking time to comment.

    Kind Regards,

  16. I am currently starting a blog and am looking for a designer. I thought that maybe I could put together enough freebies to pull together a look that I would be happy with. Not so sure now. I love the colors and theme of your blog. I will definitely check out your recommendation. By the way my Teachers Pay Teachers store and blog is titled "Reading is Elementary," so obviously, I love your title too! :)

    1. Hi Amy,
      I will definitely check out your blog as our similar titles must stay together! I know if you used Christi you would not be disappointed. She designed my classroom blog too! Looking forward to seeing what you come up with! Good luck!


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