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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Connected Educator - In Appreciation

I embarked on this journey
Early January of 2010
And I can't tell you what
A life changer it's been!

Educators were challenged
To start a blogging task
Was I ready for this? Could I commit?
Are some of the questions I asked.

Then I sent out a note
"What if I fail?" I really said it aloud
Then right away came a response
From a most amazing crowd!

"Try it for now...
There's no pressure you'll see"
That's how the Edubloggers
Thoroughly encouraged me!

I took their advice, their tips and suggestions
Then started to plan and started to write
Lo and behold Teaching is Elementary
Was born late that same night!

My very own blog
I was pleased and so thrilled.
Yet the thoughts remained
Did I have enough skill?

But as I continued
There was a new challenge to connect
With our novice fellow bloggers
Which left me feeling not sure what to expect.

But this is what happened
I tell you, it's true
My online friends and colleagues
Went to many from few!

Comments were left on his blog and hers
Good 'netiquette' had us respond
Conversations were started
In the process, a bond!

With many of those folks
I remain friendly to this day
We joined educators on Twitter
And we're here to stay!

We share our craft and our ideas
To make learning the best
Our students are the recipients
Of their teachers' quest

Being connected to one another
Means the world to us all
For expanding our knowledge
Surely flattens the classroom walls.

So if you think you might try it
Don't be afraid, just do
As you'll be surprised by the benefits
To your students and you!

A special thank you to:
  • Karen Janowski for putting the idea of blogging in my brain during a course at Simmons College
  • Cheryl Farley for inviting me to be a part of the Kick Start Your Blog Teacher Challenge
  • Sue Waters, Edublogger, and her partners who created the challenge. They created more than a challenge - it has become a wonderful family of people sharing and continuing conversations!
  • My #4thchat, #elemsci and Twitter PLN - so many wonderful people. I appreciate all your knowledge, kindness, openness and wisdom! You're the best!
My post: Bloggin' Kickin' Dreamin' explains further why I decided to try!

Hope you will too! Here is some advice to new bloggers from my PLN!

top photo credit: Jerrycharlotte via photo pin cc


  1. Nancy, what an awesome post :) Karen J showed us so many options for UDL, I am so glad that we took her class!

  2. Thank you Ianthe! You are right, Karen showed us so many things. I remember her talking about blogging and thinking it was way over my head. So glad she exposed us to it and all those other resources. She is just a crackerjack of an educator.

    Thanks for taking the time to comment.

  3. Hi Nancy

    Thanks for the special thank you! It's great to know that our Teacher Challenge has helped people and made a difference!


  4. Dear Nancy;

    You are a special person and the kids in your classes will never forget you.
    You really inspire and challenge a lot of growing minds.


  5. Nancy,

    Yes, as your dad says, you DO inspire and challenge a lot of growing minds--including mine!

    I, too, owe a thanks to Sue and the Teacher Challenge and friends like you for helping me to become a connected educator.

    Finally, your poem is AMAZING. You are quite talented with rhythm and rhyme. I can say a big AMEN to this connected educator poem. Thanks for writing it and sharing it, Nancy.


  6. Nancy,
    You wrote what happened to me in Feb of 2012! Still fresh for me, I'm still. Learning the ropes. With educators like you to lead the way, it has been an easy trip into being a connected educator. Thanks for contributing on a consistent basis - we are all benefitting!


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