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Monday, February 9, 2015

Managing a 1 iPad Classroom (Well actually 2 ipads)

It's the age old problem:  What do you do with 1 iPad (or in my case, TWO) and a room full of 4th graders? (Had this same question when I had only one Apple IIGS in my classroom a hundred years ago!)  Didn't quite have the answer then and sure wish I had the answer now!  For years I've struggled with a fair, equitable and appropriate solution.

Here's what's worked this year:
  • Ensure Taking Turns
    • Created a Google spreadsheet with the date & student's name which is posted on the board for all to see.  Students excitedly check out this schedule first thing when they arrive in the morning. 
    • Sticking to the schedule - if for some reason, like...a snow day or two or three comes along, we adhere to what is posted. Unfortunately, some students might have missed their turn. Fortunately, it will come back to them soon.
Google spreadsheet
  • Change it Up or Lessen Up the Work Load
    • Changed it Up - Morning Math Routine consists of working on Daily Math problems and then practice math fact fluency with XtraMath (we have access to 6 chrome books - thank Donors Choose).  After completing their Daily Math paper students could work on XtraMath app and FrontRowEd app. It allowed students to continue with their routine.
    • Lessened Up - Decided students should be using the iPad to CREATE,  I "lessened" their morning math routine. As a matter of fact, on the day the students have access to the iPad they do NOT have to complete their morning math (even on a test day!) as long as they are "creating" something that is related to education. This shows students that their 'creative' work has value as well!
Friday Math Test (No Sticker added using
  • Use Apps that Promote "Creation"
    • Highlighted Apps for Use - Luckily we own many apps on our iPads which promote "Creation".  Once a week I "highlight" or review an app (around 10 minutes or less) that students can try.  While I give basic directions to get started students are encouraged to explore the apps to discover other noteworthy features. 
    • Listed Apps - Apps are clearly posted on the board for students to choose from. Apps used this week include: Tellagami; Pic Collage; ChatterPix, iMovie
    • Games - Let it be known that students are also allowed to play a game on the ipad as well. We have all kinds of math games, coding games, social studies games and more. While I'd rather see students creating content - every now and then I feel they can "practice" content as well.
  •  Share Student Creations
    • Immediately publicized workWhen students complete a project we share it with the whole class by connecting the iPad to the projector.  Or it is displayed (Pic Collages) outside our classroom in the hallway.  Making work public adds the extra authenticity sometimes needed to create quality products.
    • Extended Viewing Audience - Posting student work through social media has great power.  Posting work on Twitter, Facebook, Class blog as well as through email shows the students their work is meaningful & interesting. 
  • Allow Collaboration
    • Teamwork encouraged - Students are allowed to ask others to collaborate (However, other students are not allowed to skip any work - so this usually means during a "recess" or snack break. Depending on the product - maybe even class-time.) 
    • Accept ideas from students - Collaboration isn't just between students!  My students will often suggest different ways to make this process better for the classroom.  They know their thoughts and ideas are respected so they're not afraid to share.
Collaborating with the iPad (Underpainting effect using

Next steps: I am fortunate enough to have some Green Screen equipment and a great Green Screen App - DoInk (which is very easy to use). Since we have used it only a few times this year, I thought I would start "Recess Productions" so students can create more.  On the list of apps to share with students include Toontastic, TeleStory, StoryLines for Schools and a few others.

I don't profess to have all the answers.  I know that for now this system is working, but it's a work in progress, constantly evolving.  No one way is correct - it depends on the individuals in your class and what works best for you.

How do you manage your 1 iPad classroom?  What has worked for you that might work for others? 


  1. Hi Nancy; I think that your class is really learning about the future. I am a lot older and am not very good with the electronic equipment and do things the old fashioned way. You are bringing them up into the future of the world as it continues to progress. Great job.


    1. Hi Dad,
      Who are you kidding - you can run circles around us with electronic equipment! Still, these students are the future - I know that someday they'll look back at the equipment we were using in the fourth grade and laugh at it (much like I think now about using film strip projectors when I was in the 4th grade!). Time marches on so it will be interesting to see where the digital world takes us.

      Thanks for taking the time to comment. I love you.


    2. Hi Nancy. It sounds like you have found an effective time management solution! It's a shame really that our schools don't have enough equipment to go around to all. While we all know that's never going to happen, it appears you are doing a great job in getting everyone to gain and enjoy the experience that you want them to have.

    3. Hi Cal,
      The management system is working this year. Each year, each class is different but I'm excited to continue this in the future. It is a shame that our schools are not "up-to-date" with enough equipment for all, but that is a reality with which we we have to contend. I guess I'll have to try my hand at another round of "Donor's Choose!".
      Thanks for taking the time to comment. I value your input.


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