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Favorite Resources

The following is a list of my favorite resources that are used with my students:

eBOARD: This is a web hosting site.  I use it to post links, presentations, photos and other digital content by creating and naming "sticky notes" for each reading story.  This becomes the page we refer to and use during our reading centers.   Students can access this from home (with a password).  The real bonus for me: Once created, my sticky notes are saved (which I wouldn't be able to do on our class website.  (This is a paid subscription site for approx $50)

Google Drawing -Want your students to sit up and take notice? Introduce a concept like the Water Cycle using a teacher created drawing.  Or better yet have the students create their OWN Drawings like this one about Geometry.  This is, by far, the most motivating and engaging tools EVER!

SPELLING CITY  - Use your own spelling words to create a list.  Three modes: Teach Me, Games & Test Me.  Students can take the test on line - they listen to the word and listen to the word in context.  A detailed report of how the words were spelled/misspelled and a grade may be printed out.  Kids LOVE IT! The games are fun too!

INTERACTIVE WHITEBOARD:  I am lucky enough to have an Interactive Whiteboard mounted in my classroom.  It has been a long process, but definitely worth the wait.  The students are totally engaged whenever the IWB  is in use.  Coming to the board and moving things around makes learning fun.  It is easy to use and has transformed my teaching. There are so many features that really enhance learning (just recently I recorded a lesson that I was teaching on the Board and was able to upload it as a tutorial on my website).