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Monday, February 28, 2011

The Generation Changing the World

How does one decide that they want to change the world?  Especially when that "one" is an elementary student.  Is she sitting in class one day daydreaming and thinkng “Hey, I think I’ll save the rainforests?”  Or is she eating dinner one night and say to a parent, “Hey, I think I’ll save the whales?”

Whatever it is that drives an individual or group of individuals to go beyond the scope of their own small universe, it doesn’t really matter.  All that matters is that they want to make a ‘difference’ (just like the star thrower in Loren Eiseley’s inspirational story. 

It intrigues me more when I hear about young people who set out to change the world.  From a young girl selling lemonade to raise money to find a cure for neuroblastoma to a  young man inventing a fool-proof communication device for people who are blind, there are children who don’t realize how their efforts are far-reaching.

Just recently three students at our school decided that they didn’t like hearing about whales being hunted.  They heard about an organization call the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society.  The Society's mission is to "end the destruction of habitat and slaughter of wildlife in the world's oceans in order to conserve and protect ecosystems and species.” The girls just felt they needed to help!

So, they made posters to hang in the school and then they made bracelets to be given out for a donation of $1.00.  Along with the bracelet, each person who gave a donation was given a ticket.  The ticket was for a drawing for a pillow.  The girls’ efforts raised more than $150.00 to their cause. ($520.00 as of 3/6/11)!

More than raising money – the effort and initiative to work towards a cause that one believes in, should be applauded.  It is comforting to know that a new generation is ready for the challenge of caring for others and caring for the world.

I salute these fifth grade students, Sophia, Lindsey & Grace for being a part of that new generation!

(This video was created by my daughter before I explained creative commons - so please forgive any infractions.)


  1. Nancy, This post is fabulous! We hear so much about what kids and schools are not doing that it is refreshing to see something like this!

    I too applaud these girls for their hard work and initiative! They are setting an great example, not only for their peers but for some of us adults. A lesson for us all to get out there and be proactive toward a cause that we are passionate about.

    Once again, Boyden lives up to it's great reputation.
    Great job by Sam too!

  2. So glad you recognized the girls and their efforts. I am so impressed with their ability to organize, make things to sell, research and put it all together - all for a worthy cause.
    They are inspiring for others!

    And Sam did an awesome job putting that video together!

  3. Thank you Carol Ann and Lorry. It's so nice to see kids like these girls take the initiative and do something great. Glad YOU recognize their efforts too!

  4. Congratulations, Lindsey, Sophia, and Grace--beautiful names and beautiful girls with beautiful words and actions to save the whales!
    Blessings to you! Keep it up,
    Mrs. Krebs

  5. Great job by these students.

  6. This brings tears to my eyes!! I am so proud of these girls, who are beautiful inside and out. I know they will continue to be agents of change and make huge contributions to our community and our world in years to cause at a time!! Beautiful video...the music, the smiles, the it you all!!xo

  7. Thank you to the girls for caring so much about the world around them and taking a stand. Their initiative, collaboration and creativity are a perfect representation of 21st Century skills, not to mention their global citizenship.

    Congratulations to all of them and to Mrs. Carroll who is always ready to celebrate student work!

    Thank you,
    Jean Kenney

  8. Great job on the part of the students to make a difference. Great post Nan, and great job with the video. "Kids today," eh?

  9. This is absolutely beautiful!! We are so lucky to be a part of these students' lives!! And they in turn are so fortunate to have had the pleasure of being educated by their teacher, Mrs. Nancy Carroll, who has created a memory for a lifetime.


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