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Sunday, March 6, 2011


Gee!  Haw!  Hike!  Mush!  These are just some of the shouts that can be heard on the streets of Anchorage this weekend as the 39th Iditarod Dog Sled Race in Alaska gets underway.

Who will cross under the Burled Arch first? Who will win the Red Lantern Award? 

Keeping track of the 1100 mile race, (also known as The Last Great Race) especially if you have chosen a musher to follow is addicting.  Whether you’ve chosen to watch 4-time champion Lance Mackey, breast cancer survivor DeeDee Jonrowe, rookie Kris Hoffman or Jamaican musher, Newton Marshall, the race is sure to fascinate fans. (Current Musher Standing of 2011 Iditarod)

Following a musher and their dog team leads to a natural curiosity about the race.  There is a lot of information to be found at or Scholastic’s, Race Across Alaska .  There is something for everyone in this event. 

Dog lovers, you can learn about the race through the eyes of Iditarod dogs, Zuma, Gypsy, Libby Littles, Sanka as they write articles about the competition.  Check out Zuma’s Paw Prints. 

Social Studies buffs, you can learn about the Trail and the 20+ checkpoints along the way and other aspects of the race.  Check out this site developed by students for students: ThinkQuest: Alaska’s Iditarod.

Scientists:  Weather is a huge part of the race.  Watching, tracking and graphing the weather conditions along the trail, allows you to be a part of the race and feel like you’re right beside the teams.

To get you excited about following the race – take this Photopeach Quiz!

This is a race that has something for everyone.  It can last for up to two weeks so it's fun to check everyday.  My students LOVE following and learning about the race.  

Feel free to contact me (using the contact page) for ideas on how to use the Iditarod in your classroom!

Looking forward to another exciting Iditarod! Good luck to all mushers and their teams!


  1. There is an article about Susan Butcher in the Globe today 3/6/11. It made me think of you. Everything I know about the Iditarod I learned in your classroom. Have fun with it this year!

  2. Can't wait to read it - Susan Butcher was such a wonderful woman. Glad to know you are still following the Iditarod!

  3. The kids must love this. Thanks to you I am addicted, following, and looking forward to seeing DeeDee come in #1!

  4. I love Carol-Ann's comments. I feel exactly the way you all do. I can't way to show this to my students in the morning. Thank you Nancy Carroll for all of your hard work~endless hours. Your efforts do not go unnoticed. You will hear some of the gratitude from some of the "Dawgs" in room 306. Can't wait and thanks for making each day so much fun!!! from Christy Rockwood

  5. It's heating up! Looks like some of the Dogs have dropped out. Lance is in 1st ( I guess no surprise)..... Come on DeeDee!!!
    Thanks Nan!

  6. I LOVE the photopeach test! Were you able to do this in the free version? Thanks for sharing!

  7. Cheryl - The quiz mode was in the free version (unless they have changed it). When writing your captions it's a choice. Glad you liked it!


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