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No one has ever accused me of being shy.  In fact many people will tell you that I'm rather outgoing.  I consider myself both - the shy/outgoing type.  You're probably  wondering how that could be possible....well, I'll tell you.

For those that know me - I am outgoing!  I love to chat, laugh, and sing.  If you give me a microphone - watch out.  But for those people I don't know or whom I'm not around all the time - I'm rather shy....I keep my opinions to myself and try NOT to make waves.  (People who know me are probably laughing right about now....but it's true!).

I started blogging just in December 2010 and am still trying to decide if it's for me.  I wanted to create a 'professional blog' to share the many things that I learned in my graduate classes.  (I was enrolled in an Assistive Technology program from Simmons College in Boston, MA)

Being a regular educator I wasn't sure if the program was right for me.  I totally fell in love with it (and my fellow classmates).  There were so many new things that I felt would benefit regular education students as well as special education students.

My fourth grade students are the recipients of much of my new found knowledge.  I feel that by sharing (via this blog) other students will benefit!

What I've found though, is that my blogging has not only been a way of sharing, but more importantly,  it has become a great reflection for me - a chance to revisit how I teach and how I can improve.  Over twenty-eight years into teaching and I'm still looking for new ideas, new ways of teaching and improving how I help kids learn.  This is one of those ways (I hope).

On the non-professional side....I am a wife, a mother of two beautiful children, a daughter, a sister to 4 other siblings, and aunty of five and a friend and colleague to many.   I love spending time with family (my #1 choice of things to do), reading, learning about new technology and ways to use it in the classroom (teaching is such a part of my life), kayaking, taking photographs, being out in my yard, singing and, I secretly enjoy trying to cook new recipes (even though my husband is the cook in the house).

I hope you will find my blog interesting enough to follow, comment on or just visit.
Also feel free to check out my Meet Me Glogster! 


  1. Thanks for leaving a comment on my About page. I have enjoyed coming across to read your page. Your page has a great mix of meet me plus blogging philosophy on it.

  2. Great "About" page Nancy!

    I like how you reflect on blogging as an opportunity to reflect on your own teaching. I only made my foray into the blogosphere in July 2010 and I've found that blogging keeps me honest.

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  4. Nancy, I'll try again...I love your blog. You came out of the blogging gate running! It took me a full year of slow blogging with my students to gain speed and feel confident. I just started the Edublogs blogging challenge two weeks ago, and it has made all the difference in my blogging. I think I am finally figuring out how to build a community with others by reading and being inspired by what they are doing. Keep up the good work. Denise
    Thanks again for the helpful comments you made on my post.

  5. Hello Nancy, I teach a course Integrating Technology and Literacy to teachers and pre-service teachers at Saint Joseph College, CT. We are looking to connect with teachers who are successfully integrating technology with their students, which you are doing. Would you be interested in Skyping with the class or connecting in some other way. Thanks. On Twitter as @judyarzt

  6. I really enjoy reading your blog and the ideas you have for teaching. I am going to be a teacher myself once I get my license. I love reading your blog!


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